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Last night I went out to listen to Jazz, alone.  I get lost in my thoughts when I listen to music but I find myself, of sorts. I was seated at a cozy bar and before long, I was deeply enchanted in the life of a darling young woman who was out on a date with her husband. As the music played, she leaned over and introduced herself to me and shared bits about herself. I shared a little about myself.  She shared that she had two young children, had been married for 14 years, and was a home-schooling mother.  She told me that almost apologetically.  I enjoyed thinking of my days of being a young mother and how much I loved that time in my life. She danced with her husband and made me reminisce and reflect on my younger days.  I wrapped my very own life up in the wishes and desires of everyone around me and did not recognize my own worth until it was gone. I was a 1950’s woman.  I grew up trained to be a 1950’s woman.   Now, I love my job.  I absolutely love what I do.  I love the schedule that it provides in my life.  I love the people that I meet.  I love the days off.  I am proud of the company I work for.  If you had ever asked me if I would be doing what I am doing, say, 30 years ago, I would never, ever, dreamed that I would be working full time in a career in Luxury Retail.  I however just love the fact that the paycheck that I receive every two weeks, is something that I truly earned without any help.  I get to spend it exactly as I want.  I get to plan ahead for my travels.  I feel free.  Could I be a woman who lunches these days?  Definitely not,  there would be too much free time.  How much shopping can a woman do? How many “things” do we need?Image  While I do hope that I meet that special someone to share my life with in the future, I believe that Mae West had it right when she said “Every woman deserves her own purse.” 


I married at 20 years old.  I know?  What was I thinking and yet I did the same thing that most young women do and marry their father. Or, their father in a different body.  So, I worked so hard for another 20 years to get this man to adore me.  It was so much work.  HE was so much work!!  And, No, I could never make him happy.    Yes, I got three wonderful children out of the deal and would never trade them for anything.  So now, I have been single for some time.  Yes, you might ask, have I done the internet dating thing?  I have done it all.  I truly believe in Love.  I have many friends who have been married for long lengths of time and still love each other.  I did the therapy thing and reflected on why I chose the person that I did.   I have read a hundred books on the subject.  I have even traveled around the world by myself!  Recently, I was listening to the radio for an advertisement for another Internet dating site,  the message was that Marriage is truly one of the most important decisions that anyone will ever make in their lives that will impact their happiness.  I really believe that.  Now, I am very happy with my life and count myself blessed but I do think that having someone to share your life with is something that I desire.  Does anyone have any other ideas?