In October, I was thinking about the upcoming holidays and my retail sales career. It seemed dismal. I was dreading the extended hours and I really was not happy with the new general manager that had recently come on board. One day, after reflecting, I decided to go looking for a new position. I drove to a local flower shop close by. I parked my car and walked inside. I asked if they were hiring? The answer was when can you start? I said in two days, that I would need to give my current employer at least two days notice. That afternoon, I composed my resignation letter and drove to the store. I walked in and met with the GM and the ladies manager, whom I had become close friends during my over two years in this store. It had nothing to do with her. I just needed a change.

The next week, I began my new full time position at the flower shop. It felt so good to be back in my element. I was so happy. So I worked there for two weeks during October through a huge amount of weddings and events. On the Monday following, I received a telephone call from the owner saying that my services were not needed. She could have left it at that but decided to add that “she questioned whether I really knew anything about flowers?” A stab in the back. Some how that made her able to justify her actions.

So, for the last four months, I have been working part time positions. I realized a huge lesson, first, never ever quit a job without the “two week” notice. If you give a notice of two weeks, that enables you to be able to return again. So my journey began to rewrite my resume and venture out to find a new employer. First, I worked at Target. After two weeks there, they just did not put me on the schedule and so I panicked and began looking more. I began to realize more. Full time retail positions have gone by the way side. Nobody wants to have to pay any benefits. I worked at Dillard’s for a short time to be yelled at by the department manager on the floor. I would not be able to take this. I left and went to work for Hallmark. On Hallmark’s bags, their logo is “Life is a Celebration”. Ha. The environment in this store was so toxic that it was dreadful everyday to go to work. Forging on, I wrote and rewrote my resume. I interviewed with head hunters. I interviewed with many people. Finally, I have a new job that I will begin in a week to work in an office for a Property Management company. No benefits. But, a job that pays decently and is a 40 hour per week job.

During this four months, emotions ran strong through me. Was I worthy? On top of all of this, a potential opportunity opened up and I used my former manager, who I thought had become my friend as a reference, only to find out that when she was called and asked if I was “re-hirable”, she told them No. Only because I had not given my two week notice. Of course, there are many lessons to be learned from this last four months. My emotions have been high and low. Anxiety has been extreme. I look forward to this new opportunity.