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In October, I was thinking about the upcoming holidays and my retail sales career. It seemed dismal. I was dreading the extended hours and I really was not happy with the new general manager that had recently come on board. One day, after reflecting, I decided to go looking for a new position. I drove to a local flower shop close by. I parked my car and walked inside. I asked if they were hiring? The answer was when can you start? I said in two days, that I would need to give my current employer at least two days notice. That afternoon, I composed my resignation letter and drove to the store. I walked in and met with the GM and the ladies manager, whom I had become close friends during my over two years in this store. It had nothing to do with her. I just needed a change.

The next week, I began my new full time position at the flower shop. It felt so good to be back in my element. I was so happy. So I worked there for two weeks during October through a huge amount of weddings and events. On the Monday following, I received a telephone call from the owner saying that my services were not needed. She could have left it at that but decided to add that “she questioned whether I really knew anything about flowers?” A stab in the back. Some how that made her able to justify her actions.

So, for the last four months, I have been working part time positions. I realized a huge lesson, first, never ever quit a job without the “two week” notice. If you give a notice of two weeks, that enables you to be able to return again. So my journey began to rewrite my resume and venture out to find a new employer. First, I worked at Target. After two weeks there, they just did not put me on the schedule and so I panicked and began looking more. I began to realize more. Full time retail positions have gone by the way side. Nobody wants to have to pay any benefits. I worked at Dillard’s for a short time to be yelled at by the department manager on the floor. I would not be able to take this. I left and went to work for Hallmark. On Hallmark’s bags, their logo is “Life is a Celebration”. Ha. The environment in this store was so toxic that it was dreadful everyday to go to work. Forging on, I wrote and rewrote my resume. I interviewed with head hunters. I interviewed with many people. Finally, I have a new job that I will begin in a week to work in an office for a Property Management company. No benefits. But, a job that pays decently and is a 40 hour per week job.

During this four months, emotions ran strong through me. Was I worthy? On top of all of this, a potential opportunity opened up and I used my former manager, who I thought had become my friend as a reference, only to find out that when she was called and asked if I was “re-hirable”, she told them No. Only because I had not given my two week notice. Of course, there are many lessons to be learned from this last four months. My emotions have been high and low. Anxiety has been extreme. I look forward to this new opportunity.


Last night I went out to listen to Jazz, alone.  I get lost in my thoughts when I listen to music but I find myself, of sorts. I was seated at a cozy bar and before long, I was deeply enchanted in the life of a darling young woman who was out on a date with her husband. As the music played, she leaned over and introduced herself to me and shared bits about herself. I shared a little about myself.  She shared that she had two young children, had been married for 14 years, and was a home-schooling mother.  She told me that almost apologetically.  I enjoyed thinking of my days of being a young mother and how much I loved that time in my life. She danced with her husband and made me reminisce and reflect on my younger days.  I wrapped my very own life up in the wishes and desires of everyone around me and did not recognize my own worth until it was gone. I was a 1950’s woman.  I grew up trained to be a 1950’s woman.   Now, I love my job.  I absolutely love what I do.  I love the schedule that it provides in my life.  I love the people that I meet.  I love the days off.  I am proud of the company I work for.  If you had ever asked me if I would be doing what I am doing, say, 30 years ago, I would never, ever, dreamed that I would be working full time in a career in Luxury Retail.  I however just love the fact that the paycheck that I receive every two weeks, is something that I truly earned without any help.  I get to spend it exactly as I want.  I get to plan ahead for my travels.  I feel free.  Could I be a woman who lunches these days?  Definitely not,  there would be too much free time.  How much shopping can a woman do? How many “things” do we need?Image  While I do hope that I meet that special someone to share my life with in the future, I believe that Mae West had it right when she said “Every woman deserves her own purse.” 

Today, I read an amazing story about a woman who thought that she would never have any more children. She had one.  To her amazement, she found out that she was pregnant at the age of 42.  To more of her amazement, she found out before birth, that she would have three children.  To everyones Astonishment, (even the doctor), at delivery, the doctor proclaimed “there are more feet”!  Whoa, that is amazing to me in this day in the age of knowledge.  To top that off,  the four female children, were identical in their DNA.  The chances of that are unbelievable!  God does work in mysterious ways.

I have three children.  I love them each more than my own life.  They each seemed like little miracles of life to me.  They all were different and yet they had the same parents.  The plain fact is that Children are each a gift.  The are not a possession.  We are given these little ones to be in our care, and if we do a good job, or not, they must fly.  Of course we try to give it our best.  That is all we know.  We were not given an instruction manual with the delivery of our children.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Most of us were youngsters, ourselves, when these children arrived into our lives. That is so much a part of the beauty of living life.  Watching our children become adults.  

What happens, when our children are delayed in becoming adults?  We live in a society where that is occurring more and more.  It is the disease of enabling.  This afternoon, I was working and had a beautiful young woman come to visit me, and she needed something to wear to her four year old’s birthday party.  Her words were  “every year I seem to plan a wedding for my daughter”.   I had to bite my tongue. 

I know how wonderful it is to give to our children.  I am all for it.  I also feel that this generation is torn between what they have achieved and what has been given to them.  There is nothing wrong with having to learn and earn something.  This is really what makes the world go round. Actually, my childhood years of sharing one car, sharing one telephone, and watching the same television program was really wonderful.  I wonder what the future holds for our children? Image 

Quite beautiful!

Quite a few years ago, I took a class on “The Power of the Internet”.  In this class, I learned what most of you know and that is, printed material has gone the way of the past.  Today, we can read anything we want on the internet.  Of course, there are pros and cons to this.  While I remember the mornings spent reading the newspaper, I don’t have time to sit and read the newspaper any longer.  Today, the way we get our information is on Blogs.  Blogging has taken off and more people read blogs everyday.  More and more people write blogs, everyday, about just about anything.  I love having a blog.  I love to write and I use my blog as a semi-form of therapy.  I feel if I can share it with others then, maybe I can help others learn something.  I get to practice my grammar and get some important things off my mind.  I plan to continue to blog and to become more real with my audience.  I want to share some important life lessons and to gather feedback on what others know.  My audience is small today but it can grow.  I read blogs everyday that have huge audiences.  I will share some of my favorite blogs as I write more.  One favorite, a real, true inspiration is,    Joanna, a darling young woman started her blog several years ago and now has a growing following.  She gets to stay home and raise her two children and write five days a week to share some of her young advise. It usually pertains to living in New York City, being married, raising young children, entertaining, special products she recommends and life lessons.  

A few other of my favorite blogs are; DailyCandy, DailyWorth, StylemePretty, LittleGreenNotebook, and many blogs that I follow on and  One thing you will notice about blogs is that many bloggers are young.  Twenty-somethings to Thirty-somethings.  Young people know that the way of the future is the computer.  

I look forward to sharing more about my blogging and thoughts.  Please research your own blogs that you love to share with me. Image

I adore any holiday where there is “Amorous Giving” involved.  What is not to like about having someone to Love?  Healthy love of another person is what makes life worth living.  And here we are at another February 14, on the calendar and another “Hallmark moment”.  February 14 falls on a Friday this year.  Can you even imagine getting a reservation to your favorite restaurant?  What about giving something that keeps on giving?  Last evening, I attended one of the best concerts that I have ever attended.  It was Sting and Paul Simon, on their third night of a 20 plus evening, travel tour.  Oh My!!!  Sixteen men and women in their band who all played different instruments, from the Bass, to the Guitar, to the Organ, to the harmonica to the washboard!  Both men, exemplary stars in their own name and to be together!  I bought my tickets when I first heard of the announcement and so I had tickets close to the stage at the Pepsi Center, where the show was a sell out to over 18,000 people. I recalled my evening today to many co-workers and called it the gift that keeps on giving.  I find that travel and wonderful experiences are just those…  “GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING”.  How could I ever erase the amazing experiences that I have had on my journeys around the globe?  How also could I ever forget Sting and Paul Simon singing “Like a Bridge over Troubled Water”?  It was purely unbelievable. I wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day.  I was once a florist, so I adore flowers.  Nothing can replace a sudden bouquet in your face.  NOTHING, will   ImageREPLACE A MEMORY!!!

Life can become pretty “Ho, Hum”.  We go about our days filling it with the necessary.  We make plans for interaction.  We plan for the future to do something ” interesting”.  The daily monotony can get old fast.  When I was a younger woman, it seemed that I had less monotony.  With the raising of three active children and managing my married life, I felt at times as though I had very little time to think of thinking or doing anything beyond my daily obligations.  Now, as I am in “middle age”, single and my children are grown,  I can find myself feeling stuck.  I am not a person who enjoys “ho, hum”.  I really like challenges and am so excited for another event to come to town.  I love to go see any Art openings, Symphonies, Operas, Ballets, Concerts and I usually have tickets ready to take advantage of some new adventure.  One of my recent favorite things that I am doing, is taking classes at the Denver Art Students League.  It is a wonderful place and for 3 hours each week, I can draw in charcoal and loose my thoughts.  Today, I was thrilled to hear of the story of the young man, Sage Kotsenberg, who, inspirationally, won the Olympic Gold Metal at Sochi, in Slopestyle Snowboarding.  When asked he replied ” I never even tried it before” speaking of his routine, and then he said ” I never tried it in my life.”  Of course, we know he tried snowboarding, and would not have been where he was, if not already a champion, but how amazing that he showed up, took off and did something original! We each get that opportunity everyday,  to do something original.  Walk through that gate and make a change.  It has nothing to do with anyone else.  It is your life!  What is keeping you from starting your new adventure?  Time is marching on.Image