Today, I read an amazing story about a woman who thought that she would never have any more children. She had one.  To her amazement, she found out that she was pregnant at the age of 42.  To more of her amazement, she found out before birth, that she would have three children.  To everyones Astonishment, (even the doctor), at delivery, the doctor proclaimed “there are more feet”!  Whoa, that is amazing to me in this day in the age of knowledge.  To top that off,  the four female children, were identical in their DNA.  The chances of that are unbelievable!  God does work in mysterious ways.

I have three children.  I love them each more than my own life.  They each seemed like little miracles of life to me.  They all were different and yet they had the same parents.  The plain fact is that Children are each a gift.  The are not a possession.  We are given these little ones to be in our care, and if we do a good job, or not, they must fly.  Of course we try to give it our best.  That is all we know.  We were not given an instruction manual with the delivery of our children.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Most of us were youngsters, ourselves, when these children arrived into our lives. That is so much a part of the beauty of living life.  Watching our children become adults.  

What happens, when our children are delayed in becoming adults?  We live in a society where that is occurring more and more.  It is the disease of enabling.  This afternoon, I was working and had a beautiful young woman come to visit me, and she needed something to wear to her four year old’s birthday party.  Her words were  “every year I seem to plan a wedding for my daughter”.   I had to bite my tongue. 

I know how wonderful it is to give to our children.  I am all for it.  I also feel that this generation is torn between what they have achieved and what has been given to them.  There is nothing wrong with having to learn and earn something.  This is really what makes the world go round. Actually, my childhood years of sharing one car, sharing one telephone, and watching the same television program was really wonderful.  I wonder what the future holds for our children? Image