Quite a few years ago, I took a class on “The Power of the Internet”.  In this class, I learned what most of you know and that is, printed material has gone the way of the past.  Today, we can read anything we want on the internet.  Of course, there are pros and cons to this.  While I remember the mornings spent reading the newspaper, I don’t have time to sit and read the newspaper any longer.  Today, the way we get our information is on Blogs.  Blogging has taken off and more people read blogs everyday.  More and more people write blogs, everyday, about just about anything.  I love having a blog.  I love to write and I use my blog as a semi-form of therapy.  I feel if I can share it with others then, maybe I can help others learn something.  I get to practice my grammar and get some important things off my mind.  I plan to continue to blog and to become more real with my audience.  I want to share some important life lessons and to gather feedback on what others know.  My audience is small today but it can grow.  I read blogs everyday that have huge audiences.  I will share some of my favorite blogs as I write more.  One favorite, a real, true inspiration is, acupofjo.com.    Joanna, a darling young woman started her blog several years ago and now has a growing following.  She gets to stay home and raise her two children and write five days a week to share some of her young advise. It usually pertains to living in New York City, being married, raising young children, entertaining, special products she recommends and life lessons.  

A few other of my favorite blogs are; DailyCandy, DailyWorth, StylemePretty, LittleGreenNotebook, and many blogs that I follow on WordPress.com and Bloglovin.com.  One thing you will notice about blogs is that many bloggers are young.  Twenty-somethings to Thirty-somethings.  Young people know that the way of the future is the computer.  

I look forward to sharing more about my blogging and thoughts.  Please research your own blogs that you love to share with me. Image