I adore any holiday where there is “Amorous Giving” involved.  What is not to like about having someone to Love?  Healthy love of another person is what makes life worth living.  And here we are at another February 14, on the calendar and another “Hallmark moment”.  February 14 falls on a Friday this year.  Can you even imagine getting a reservation to your favorite restaurant?  What about giving something that keeps on giving?  Last evening, I attended one of the best concerts that I have ever attended.  It was Sting and Paul Simon, on their third night of a 20 plus evening, travel tour.  Oh My!!!  Sixteen men and women in their band who all played different instruments, from the Bass, to the Guitar, to the Organ, to the harmonica to the washboard!  Both men, exemplary stars in their own name and to be together!  I bought my tickets when I first heard of the announcement and so I had tickets close to the stage at the Pepsi Center, where the show was a sell out to over 18,000 people. I recalled my evening today to many co-workers and called it the gift that keeps on giving.  I find that travel and wonderful experiences are just those…  “GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING”.  How could I ever erase the amazing experiences that I have had on my journeys around the globe?  How also could I ever forget Sting and Paul Simon singing “Like a Bridge over Troubled Water”?  It was purely unbelievable. I wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day.  I was once a florist, so I adore flowers.  Nothing can replace a sudden bouquet in your face.  NOTHING, will   ImageREPLACE A MEMORY!!!