Life can become pretty “Ho, Hum”.  We go about our days filling it with the necessary.  We make plans for interaction.  We plan for the future to do something ” interesting”.  The daily monotony can get old fast.  When I was a younger woman, it seemed that I had less monotony.  With the raising of three active children and managing my married life, I felt at times as though I had very little time to think of thinking or doing anything beyond my daily obligations.  Now, as I am in “middle age”, single and my children are grown,  I can find myself feeling stuck.  I am not a person who enjoys “ho, hum”.  I really like challenges and am so excited for another event to come to town.  I love to go see any Art openings, Symphonies, Operas, Ballets, Concerts and I usually have tickets ready to take advantage of some new adventure.  One of my recent favorite things that I am doing, is taking classes at the Denver Art Students League.  It is a wonderful place and for 3 hours each week, I can draw in charcoal and loose my thoughts.  Today, I was thrilled to hear of the story of the young man, Sage Kotsenberg, who, inspirationally, won the Olympic Gold Metal at Sochi, in Slopestyle Snowboarding.  When asked he replied ” I never even tried it before” speaking of his routine, and then he said ” I never tried it in my life.”  Of course, we know he tried snowboarding, and would not have been where he was, if not already a champion, but how amazing that he showed up, took off and did something original! We each get that opportunity everyday,  to do something original.  Walk through that gate and make a change.  It has nothing to do with anyone else.  It is your life!  What is keeping you from starting your new adventure?  Time is marching on.Image