I recently got an email from one of my children.  Contemplation was going on about Authentic Happiness and this child shared a link from the University of Pennsylvania where they are conducting a study on Happiness.  You can find it at AuthenticHappiness.org.  I am a firm believer that Happiness is a choice that we each wake up to each morning.  As Tom Petty says in his Song,  “Somedays are Diamonds and Somedays are Rocks”.  We are NEVER, EVER going to have everyday in our life to feel Great!  And, would you?  I realize now as I look back over my life, that some of my biggest challenges in my life provided such amazing growth in me and that I would not be the “Happy” person that I am if I had not gone through those trials.  I am one though, that thinks that Happiness is a problem in our society.  Everyone thinks that they deserve to be Happy.  We have so many “victims”.  It is the (if I had this, I would be happy) syndrome!!!  Why not turn it around and say, “I have everything that I need right this minute, and I am going to put a huge smile on my face”.  Have you noticed that if you walk past someone and smile that they normally smile back?  Happiness is a choice.  We chose to be happy.  This affects everyone around us.  Tomorrow, give it a try.  Wake up.  Put a smile on and go to work.  Walk in,  greet everyone with affection and tell them something that you value in them.  It is contagious!  Image