I grew up in Oklahoma.  Moved to Colorado and lived here for many years, moved to Texas and now I am back in Colorado.  I love Colorado.  I loved Oklahoma.  I loved Texas.  I am single.  My children are grown and living their lives.  I have begun to think of how I would feel about moving again?  I think that I could be happy nearly anywhere.  While I probably would not think it possible to live happily in a Third World Country, I do believe that I could, and be content.  Image   I visited New Guinea several years ago and found that the people there, loved their lives.  They new nothing else.  I left my marriage and chose to travel extensively.  I did the “Eat, Pray, Love” thing!  Traveling alone is one of the greatest gifts that I have ever been able to give myself.  Traveling, Period, is just the most wonderful thing that anyone can do for themselves.  I have recently been considering what it would be like to take a position in another city and move again.  The idea makes me so excited.  I probably could never stop cheering for my Denver Broncos but  the thought of a new place to explore and fresh faces makes me happy.  My feeling is that you cannot have too many friends.  I started this blog for my own therapy.  To wrap my arms around my thoughts and dreams.  What if you just put it out there that you could go Anywhere and see what would happen?  I am going to give it a try.