I was once told that I should always be my very best in Every Situation.  That information has transferred into my everyday well being.  I like to show up, everyday, looking, acting, and being, my very best.  Not everyday do I feel or look my best but I can act my best.  It is a choice.  I have found that by doing this, other people around me, try to be their best too.  Everyone, on a daily basis, is struggling with their own challenges.  Not often spoken about, for a good reason, but life has a way of challenging us,Image that affects everyone. These challenges are happening while we put on our “faces” for the world to see.  But, let me ask, what does it mean to be your very best?  Is it OK to go on a job interview with un-polished shoes? Un-manicured nails? No freshly pressed shirt?  Should you show up with bad breath?  When you go on a date, do you show someone your very best?  What does that mean to you?   I’m talking about first impressions. Aren’t First impressions the most important part?   If I am having somebody over to my house, I would normally clean and have everything neat and tidy.  Would you?  If I am picking up someone from the airport, I would have my car freshly washed and vacuumed.  I am not crazy about neatness, but I am crazy about disorderliness. I believe that what you wear and how you appear in your environment, speaks loudly about who you are.  It tells another of how you take care of yourself.  I know, that nobody is going to take care of me, like I can take care of me.  If I cannot take care of me, then how can I hope to take care of another?  I am growing older.   People are changing.  The only thing or person that I can change is me.  I hope to be my very best in every situation, what about you?