Well, I know that there has been much written and talked about regarding Retirement Communities and the things that happen behind closed doors.  I have an amazing story to tell.  My Mother and Father were married for 58 years.  Not, 58 blissful years, but 58 years, non the less.  58 Years of commitment to someone, day in and day out is something to celebrate.  It becomes a habit of sorts and if you have been married for 58 years, you married at a young age and grew up together.  This was the way for many of our parents.  There was no thinking of parting ways. While many were “lucky” to meet someone compatible and ready to meet the challenges of life, there were probably few who were “soul” mates.  My Father passed away nearly two years ago.  We went through the mourning and the sorting out of life’s possessions and moving Mom into a retirement community.  It was a challenge.  

Two months after Mom moved in, a gentleman moved in to the Center.  My Mom is 81.  This man is 94.  He took a liking to my Mom and at dinner they became “dancing partners”Image.  He, is 94 but would pass for 65-70 years.  Fast-forward and today they live together.  I have never witnessed such Love.  Doug has said that he has never felt this way for another woman, even though he was married for over 60 years.  They have “True Love”.  They have realized the importance of Life, and how very precious it is.  They wake up in separate bedrooms, but they spend valuable time together and I do not believe could be living as happily alone as they are together. Life is truly amazing and so worth living.  I sure hope that I don’t have to wait until I arrive at my retirement community to realize my “True Love”.