OK, I have written a few posts lately about RE-meeting someone from my past.  It has been so fun!  Those 4 hour-long conversations on the cell phone.  We met sitting next to each other in our History classes about 40 years ago.  I had a crush on him, then.  So much life has moved in between our two lives.  So, I am asking….. How does one have a long distance relationship?  I will be seeing him in about 3 weeks.  This is the most different relationship that I have ever encountered.  I have lived in a city more than 30 years now very far from the home town where we grew up.  Could I live there again?  I suppose.  I have many friends in this city and to be with the one that I love would be so wonderful.  Singlehood is no fun!  I’ve tried it for 17 years now and I know that I can do it.  Time to invest in this new person.  More later!Image