I was sitting and having my lunch about two weeks ago.  Checking my messages and reading my emails on my telephone, that day, I had received a text message from an old friend.  He wanted my email address. Our reunion is approaching, and I thought, “he wants me to be on a committee”.   I remembered him fondly, and sent my email right away.  Now,  It has been two weeks, nearly, and we have been writing each other back and forth.  We have not seen each other for nearly 30-40 years!  With the invention of Social Networking, which I am very pleased, it has allowed many of us to rekindle relationships that would have been lost.  We have all heard of the World War 2 Veteran who found his long, lost, love, many years later.  It has been said that “Life is like a River, that never stands still, and never permits you to relive the same moment twice”.  Like a snowflake, one moment is never like another.

“Nostalgia is like a “devise that removes the ruts and potholes from memory lane.”  Yesterday, I spoke to my friend for nearly 5 hours.  So much catching up to do.  He sat behind me in History class in High School.  While I am so very excited to re-meet this person, I already see how very much history 40 years have added to our stories.  I am staying focused and looking forward to today and NOW!  I am not anxious a bit.  I am very excited and happy.  Life is just such an adventure.  Stay Tuned!Image