I have tried Internet dating.  Yes, I have joined the famous sites and put great pictures and posts(brags) about myself.  I have been single for quite some time now and I am very selective.  I can entertain myself in my little time off just great, so it has to be an amazing person for me to carve out a space in my life.  I go out often, by myself.  I am quite self confident and really am happy meeting people around me.  I just still,  would like to meet that special someone! I am a pretty woman.  I am told that I am very young for my age.  I am active and love just about anything.  I have been encouraged to retry internet dating.  I find it to be depressing.  When one meets someone on the internet, while it can be a good thing to write back and forth about your “must haves”, there is nothing worse than going through the “must have list”  and the “can’t stand list” and setting yourself up to meet this person who you have NO chemistry!  Chemistry is where it is at!  I don’t know what to do?  Here we are in the Holiday Season, once again, and I find myself lonely.  What do you think?  Any help is greatly appreciated!Image