My favorite shoes are made in Italy.  Italian shoes are usually made in small spaces and are still hand cut and stitched together.  I love handmade things so what can I say?  On my most recent trip to Florence, I purchased a new pair of shoes handmade in Florence.  They fit like a glove.  One evening, as I strolled through Florence, I peeked inside a little store where shoes were being made to see the cobbler still hard at work.   On Madison Ave. in New York City is one of my favorite Italian Shoe stores. I have shopped there for many years.   Last week, I received an email saying that they were closing. It seems that handmade is going out of style and that what is taking it’s place is cheap.  I love Etsy and Ebay for this reason.  You can still find great things here with a little search, and with a little repair, will be better than any shoe made in China.  Tonight, I purchased two pair of shoes that were made in Italy for a timeless luxury retailer. They are both elegant classics.Image With a little “soul” work, these shoes will be better than ever.  I purchased my new shoes in Florence for 200 euro.  I purchased two pair of these lovely Italian shoes on Etsy for 60 dollars.