Turbulence is life force.  It is opportunity. Let’s love turbulence and use it for change.  Ramsay Clark

When you get there, there isn’t any there there.  Gertrude Stein

Tonight, I went to a retirement party for two fellow employees.  We work for a large Luxury Retail Company and love the brand that we sell.  Our standards are high and the people who work for the company carry high standards and goals.  We each, are hard on ourselves as much as our managers are hard on us.  Everyone seems to be a high achiever and somewhat of a disciplined person or you probably don’t belong.  We all work together and are kind and friendly within the work environment.  We rarely get to see each other let down and be relaxed.  Tonight, we all did.  It was wonderful.  We realized what it is that makes our company great.  We also realized our human-ness and fragility.  We toasted and tears were shed.  One person was leaving the company after many years to go on to other career goals.  The other person, had accomplished everything that he wished in his career and was moving to a warm climate to retire.  It was a bittersweet atmosphere.  We took a large group photo and it was quite an ordeal.  The turbulence in the air of life can take your breath away.  If the cabin pressure drops in your life, put on your oxygen mask and breath normally!