I could not help but put my head in my hands as I looked at the horrible devastation following the cyclone that hit so forcibly into the Philippines yesterday.  Having grown up in Oklahoma, I witnessed terrible storms packed with violent winds, lightening, rain and destruction.  A tornado usually forms over land and in our modern age, one can look at the sky or even hear an alarm. We usually have some indication to take shelter, (although, the Moore, Oklahoma tornado showed us that this is not always true.)  Hurricanes form in the Southern Hemisphere over water and can be spotted a day or so away as do Cyclones, which form in the Northern hemisphere and can also be seen to warn people in it’s path.  Unfortunately, this monstrous  storm, formed off the coast of a very poor country.  There was nowhere for these people to go.

We must remind ourselves of our precious lives and the fragility of it.  Relationships are the most important thing we have.  Sieze the Day!