Tonight, I had dinner at a little restaurant that I frequent.  I got there after work and it was crowded.  There were few chairs but there was one single one at the bar and I thought that I would sit.  A young man sitting next to the chair said “OH NO”, I am saving this for someone.  That was good.  I inched my way in and was able to sit there anyway. He waited and waited.  After a while I had to comment, “Is she coming?”  I asked.  He replied , “Yes, She is always late.”  I sat and contemplated that thought.  Always Late?  I think that is a message.  I believe that if one is fully engaged in a relationship, that one should show up.  Never Late.  Now, we all have our situations.  It is impossible to be early always.  What about someone that is always late?  How would that make you feel?  I hope that he had a nice time.  She did show up…….. nearly one hour late.