Most people would prefer to travel with a partner.  Traveling with a partner certainly is nice but have you ever thought about what it would be like to be in a Foreign country all by your self?  I have done this many times.  My thoughts are “should I stay home, or GO?”  I say GO!  Life is short and fragile.  One never knows what next year will bring.  Here are some thoughts from a single woman who travels alone.  Stay in a safe environment.  Either a hotel or place where you know someone who can help you.  Get out and go.  Travel light.  Don’t pack much.  You can do laundry or have it done.  Take only a carry on bag and that way you know you will not miss a train or a flight.  Nobody will know if you are wearing the same sweater every day!  Go see everything.  Get out during the day and see the sights.  Many museums are closed by 4:00.  It is important to get out early.  Wear good walking shoes.  Before I left, one of my co-workers said, “Oh, those Europeans are always so dressed up.”  No.  They are no more dressed up than we are and when you are traveling, you should be elegantly comfortable.  Take an over the shoulder bag that can hold everything you need for the day.  This way you can walk everywhere.  I am still thinking about my trip to Florence.  Travel is the gift that keeps on giving.  Start Planning!